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It is said that the best predictor of the future is the past. The current training program ranked 13th out of 86 funded training programs and as such was funded by CIHR centrally and not at the institution level. Over the last 6 years, the Training Program has received excellent annual and mid-term evaluations (see response to reviewers section). The quality of the national and international trainees attracted to the program is indicated by the fact that 77% have acquired external salary awards worth over $1.4 million. For the year 2007 alone, the 19 current members of the program published 46 scientific publications. Trainee satisfaction with the Program was assessed in an evaluation survey and their overall satisfaction was rate 3.72/4 (good=3.0, excellent=4.0). While the full summary of the survey can be viewed in the Appendix, some of their specific comments include:

  • “The ICID program was an integral and important part of my doctoral training which has equipped me to work more effectively in the field of public health (academically and practically).”
  • “I think the program is exceedingly valuable.”
  • “I thank all the program coordinators and mentors. This was a great training opportunity, which has substantially contributed to the success of my career.”

All graduates of the Training Program have gone onto careers in health research. PhD students graduating from the Training Program have gone on to perform postdoctoral and clinical microbiology fellowships in Toronto and PDF positions at Harvard Medical School. Others have been directly recruited to positions with Office of the Chief Veterinarian in Manitoba or post-doctoral fellowship training in Field Epidemiology with the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). Graduating PDFs have gone on to permanent Research Scientist positions at the PHAC and faculty positions in Texas and the University of Manitoba. Graduating clinical fellows have gone onto clinician scientist faculty positions at the University of Manitoba and consultancy work in International Health. This suggests that graduates of the Training Program are able to secure highly competitive jobs.
In fact, two of the co-applicants in the renewed version of the Training Program (Javier Mignone and Marissa Becker) are themselves graduates of the Training Program. Both have secured academic positions and because of their positive association with the Training Program, are keen to take on leadership roles in the renewed program and help bring the Program to that next level of excellence. This also demonstrates that the Training Program is continually bringing in new mentors with fresh ideas and enthusiasm.

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