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Details of institutional and “other” support are provided in the Budget justification section. In brief, the University of Manitoba is contributing $62,000 per year to the IID&GH Training Program for a total 6 year commitment of $372,000. The domestic and international academic partners are providing significant in-kind contributions such as teaching facilities, mentors for PhD or practicum students, practicum sites, members for the program-wide advisory committee, travel assistance (where possible) and logistical and administrative assistance for the Major Courses. The Training Program has been able to secure partner funding at a rate of almost 2:1 over the CIHR seed funding. The total annual operating budget of the Training Program is $920,000. Much of this has been achieved by partnering with other funding organizations in a model where if they are funding a trainee in infectious disease or global health, we will provide them the value-added benefit of our training program. In this way our program gets partner-funded trainees and the partners get trainees supported by a vibrant international training program. One of our partner organizations, the International Centre for Infectious Disease, will contribute administrative time to an on-going effort to seek out new financial partners for the training program. With excellent connections with the business community, additional partners are highly possible through ICID linkages. Organizations that ICID has worked with in the past and will approach for potential partnerships with the IID&GH included Cangene Corp. and Smith Carter Architects (who design high containment labs around the world). With this model of existing and developing partnerships, sustainability should be secured.

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