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Taking a page from the Bill & Melinda Gates Grand Challenges in Global Health Annual meeting, the Training Program will implement learning visits around the Major Courses. Learning visits take visiting trainees and mentors and provide full day to half day tours of various projects around the centers hosting the major course for that year. Their guides and hosts will be the trainees from the host training site. These visits will occur in the week just after the major course. For example, while in Winnipeg learning visits would include a tour of the NML, visit to a First Nations community or a visit to a field station where Hantavirus in rodent populations are studied. When in Nairobi, the Learning Visits would include a tour of the Majengo Sex Workers clinic, a tour of the new CFI-funded laboratory building, a visit to Kenyatta National Hospital, and a trip to the Kenya AIDS Vaccine Initiative. In Bangalore, Learning Visits would include field visits with some of the Karnataka Health Promotion Trust (KHPT) projects such as Sankalp and Samastha which provide HIV care to high risk populations such as female sex workers and men who have sex with men. Other Learning Visits would include seeing the activities of the host academic institution St. Johnís Medical College. In Colombia, visits to indigenous communities in Northeastern Colombia where trainees observe the process of obtaining informed consent and the collection of data through interviews conducted as part of a maternal health survey.

The Learning Visits will be a way for mentors and trainees of The Program to meet each other and learn about the various scientific projects and the challenges and opportunities offered by the local environment unique to each Training site.

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