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November 2015

Our most recent Infectious Minds session is up and streaming.

IID&GHTP Infectious Minds Stream November 2015

The most recent video streams are up as well as select trainee presentations- click here to go to the Infectious Minds Sessions web page.


October 2015



IID&GHTP Infectious Minds Stream October 2015

------------------------------------------------------------------------- September 2015

IID&GHTP Infectious Minds Stream September 2015

------------------------------------------------------------------------- August 2015

Check out the report by Geneviève Boily-Larouche and Elsabé Du Plessis, Lucelly López, Zulma Rueda, Carlos Rojas, and Javier Mignone on the collaborative work between Anas Wayuu and the International Infectious Disease and Global Health Training Program during the Major course in Colombia (Aug. 2013).

Determinants of maternal health services utilization in the Wayuu communities of Maicao, La Guajira, Colombia

------------------------------------------------------------------------- July 2015

Congratulations to Jesse Gitaka on being awarded the Grand Challenges Exploration Grant in June 2015. Way to go Jesse!!!!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------June 2015

IID&GHTP Infectious Minds Stream June 2015

-------------------------------------------------------------------------Check out the article featuring Dr. Nadia Chanzu a recent graduate of the IID&GH Training Program.

Today's News: Kenyan researcher wins prestigious international fellowship at UCT


May 2015

Check out these articles featuring two of our IID&GHTP trainees:

TeachingLIFE: Claudyne Chevrier

UM Today: Leigh McClarty


April 2015

IID&GHTP Infectious Minds Stream April 2015


March 2015

Our most recent Infectious Minds session is up and streaming.

IID&GHTP Infectious Minds Stream March 2015


February 2015

IID&GHTP Infectious Minds Stream February 2015


January 2015

IID&GHTP Infectious Minds Stream January 2015


March 2014

The IID&GH Training Program's 2013 Annual Report is now complete. To view please click HERE


January 2014

The IID&GH Training Program would like to welcome the following new trainees to the Program!

Dione Benjumea, Claudyne Chevrier, Vanessa Cienfuegos, Leigh McClarty, Ochwoto Missiani, Emily Nyakiri, Juan Quintero and Niaz Rahim

To check out their bios click here


The IID&GH Training Program's 2012 Annual Report is now complete! To view please click HERE!

Recent Presentations:

The IID&GH Training Program - Presenter: Dr. Keith Fowke, Program Director

October 2013

A recent article by Laura Thompson published in the October 2013 No. 48 issue of Community Matters, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba, Department of Community Health Sciences

“Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Indigenous Health Training Course in Colombia authored by Laura Thompson


June 2013

A recent article by Elnaz Shadabi and Lindsay Aboud published in The Bulletin, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg on June 6, 2013

“Four Countries, Two Weeks, One Goal, Knowledge Transfer authored by Elnaz Shadabi and Lindsay Aboud


Universities of Manitoba & Nairobi Health Initiative (UMNHI) collaborates with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra during the New Music Festival to bring forth the International HIV Prevention Exchange.

The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (WSO) brought back John Corigliano’s Symphony No.1 as part of their opening night to the New Music Festival (NMF) on January 29, 2011. This work was composed by Corigliano as his personal response to the AIDS epidemic during the late 1980s. See more on the WSO's media release.

To coincide with the performance, the Universities of Manitoba & Nairobi Health Initiative (UMNHI) brought forth an International HIV Prevention Exchange (The Exchange), held in Winnipeg to create a discussion on HIV research, January 28-29, 2011.The two-day symposia and workshops culminated with the opening night of the WSO's NMF and inlcuded a pre-concert video presentation of the HIV project work in Nairobi and India.

The Exchange was chaired by Dr. Keith Fowke, Dr. Marissa Becker and Dr. James Blanchard and was organized by a group of people from the Medical Microbiology (Med. Micro.) and Community Health Science (CHS) departments at the University of Manitoba lead by Jude Zieske, Lynn Gauthier, and Dr. Adrienne Meyers.

Many of the presentors and those in attendance included trainees and leaders in the CIHR International Infectious Disease and Global Health Training Program. It brought together local and international researchers and created awareness of HIV research and its global impact to those taking in the WSO concert.

UofM Bulletin picture of Souradet Shaw, Aug. 2010, current research associate and trainne in the CIHR IID&GHTP.







(From left to right) Vincent Ho, Composer-in-Residence WSO, John Corigliano, featured guest composer WSO's NMF, Alexander Mickelthwate, Music Director WSO, Dr. Frank Plummer, Chief Science Advisor, Public Health Agency of Canada and Co-Principal Investigators, CIHR IID&GHTP, Dr. Keith Fowke, Associate Professor, UofM Med. Micro. and Program Director, Principal Investigator & Canada Site Leader, CIHR IID&GHTP.

Photo credit: John Johnston

UofM Bulletin picture of Souradet Shaw, Aug. 2010, current research associate and trainne in the CIHR IID&GHTP.








(From left to right, top) Jude Zieske, Administor for UofM Med. Micro. Resistance to Susceptibility and Infectious Disease Group and for the CIHR IID&GHTP, Lynn Gauthier, Financial Assistant, UofM CHS, Michelle Driedger, Associate Professor, UofM CHS and Mentor, CIHR IID&GHTP, Dr. Joshua Kimani, Assistant Professor,UofM Med. Micro. and Mentor, CIHR IID&GHTP. Dr. Frank Plummer (as referenced above), Dr. Javiar Mignone, Associate ProfessorUofM Family Social Sciences and Infectious Minds Leader, CIHR IID&GHTP, Dr. Carlos Rojas, Associate Professor, National School of Public Health, Universidad de Antiquia and Colombia Site Leader, CIHR IID&GHTP. (From left to right, bottom) Lesley Slaney, Research Technician UofM Med. Micro., Dr. Adrienne Meyers, Adjunct Professor UofM Med. Micro. and Coordinator, UMNHI, Dr. Keith Fowke (as referenced above).

Photo credit: John Johnston


IID&GHTP Trainees Sivro, Stein and MicKinnon have written a review for the National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCCID) and published in The Purple Paper for August 2010.

“Innate Immunity to HIV”, authored by Aida Sivro, Derek Stein and Lyle McKinnon.


UofM Bulletin picture of Souradet Shaw, Aug. 2010, current research associate and trainne in the CIHR IID&GHTP.

Faculty of Medicine research associate and current IID&GHTP trainee, Souradet Shaw

An article on research that Souradet Shaw, a current trainee in our program, was published by the American Journal of Gastroenterology, October 12, 2010. The University of Manitoba and the Office of the Vice-President (Research) also wrote a piece on this in the U of M's Bulletin, August 19, 2010. "Piece of the Puzzle, New research links antibiotics during infancy to heightened risk of inflammatory bowel disease diagnosis in childhood" by Katie Chalmers-Brooks.

Link to the full article in the American Journal of Gastroenterology. "Association Between the Use of Antibiotics in the First Year of Life and Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease" Souradet Y Shaw, James F Blanchard MD, and Charles N Bernstein MD .


An article about the Training Program during its 2010 Scientific Symposium was published on the University of Manitoba's e-Bulletin, by Janice Labossiere posted Tuesday, July 13, 2010 10:20 AM

International Infectious Disease Trainee Program Meets in Winnipeg
UofM Bulletin pic during the 2010 Symposia Meet & Greet, April 26, 10. Trainees Peter Maturi Mwamba and Cisily Meeme, with Dr. Keith Fowke, Principal Investigator.
Trainees Peter Maturi Mwamba and Cisily Meeme, with Dr. Keith Fowke, Principal Investigator.

Twenty-two infectious disease research trainees from around the world converged in Winnipeg on May 11th and 12th as part of the CIHR’s International Infectious Disease & Global Health Training Program.

This program offers PhD students, Post-Doctoral Fellows and Clinical Fellows the opportunity to experience international research first-hand through a global network of training sites. Six trainees from international training sites (Colombia, India and Kenya) came to Winnipeg to join the 16 Manitoba-based trainees for three weeks of academic programs. The program included taking the two week intensive graduate course, The Ecology of Infectious Diseases (Eco ID), participating in a two day scientific symposium, and attending three days of learning visits.

"The world needs internationally-trained multidisciplinary researchers who can bring their wealth of knowledge and experience home to improve the health of all peoples," said Dr. Keith Fowke, Principal Investigator. “156 trainees applied for the program, ranked 2nd out of the CIHR’s 40 programs.”

To qualify for the training program, a trainee’s research must be focused on one of three themes: HIV, emerging infectious diseases like H1N1 or Ebola, or global public health.

”We don’t want to pluck the best researchers and bring them to Canada,” said Fowke. “They can complete training in this program without relocating.”

Cisily Meeme, a PhD student from the University of Nairobi, applied for the program after doing HIV research with the University of Manitoba’s Dr. Blake Ball during her Masters degree.

“It’s a good opportunity to train in different countries,” said Meeme. “This is my first time in Winnipeg and there’s quite a history of excellent research here.”

Peter Maturi Mwamba, a PhD candidate from the University of Kenya, agreed.

“The international approach is very important,” he said. “The collaboration of so many institutions allows me to live at home but still work with mentors from around the world.”

Reprinted with permission from Janice Labossiere


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